Tennis without Tension  Improving Tennis Performance with the Alexander Technique
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Tennis without Tension
with Gary Adelman

Private Lessons
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Glen Head, Long Island,
New York

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I having been taking tennis and Alexander Technique lessons with Gary for the past 15 years. I have had a top Eastern men's senior ranking and my success in tennis is in large part due to all the wonderful work that Gary and I have done together. I used to suffer from agonizing back pain and have not had any back pain in years. My strokes are so much smoother and I rarely feel tired when I finish playing. I move faster than most of my contemporaries. I live in Florida for much of the year and still fly in sometimes for my lessons with Gary. It still feels great to go out and hit the ball and I attribute my longevity in tennis competition to all the Alexander Technique lessons with Gary. If you want to improve your game and do it in a way that feels really good in your body, take lessons with Gary and you will see a huge improvement in your game.
--Harvey Beal, May 24th 2010, Delray Beach, Florida

* * * * *

My lessons with Gary in the Alexander Technique have helped my tennis game enormously over the past 7 years. My arthritis in my hips has stabilized and I am able to play for hours without any pain. I love the serve that Gary taught me, based on the effortlessness exemplified by the Alexander method. I am moving better than I have in years and still try to keep up the weekly lessons with Gary.
--Jeffrey Rich, Long Island , NY

* * * * *

I am a tennis pro and I am on the court for long hours daily teaching tennis. My lessons with Gary in the Alexander technique have literally saved my career - I had had a terrible tennis elbow, couldn't even hit a ball and by learning a better, more natural way to use my body while teaching tennis my tennis elbow disappeared. Also, learning the technique has made me a much better tennis teacher because I have been able to see things in my students in terms of body use, tension and effort that would not have drawn my attention previously.
--Carl Barnett, Early Hit Training Center, Glen Head, NY

* * * * *

This morning, I feel great. I believe that I owe you a debt of gratitude. I am 60 years old; I played hard for two hours last night, and woke up pain free. The Alexander Technique lessons that you gave to me privately after muscle tears in my shoulder and right arm and subsequent group sessions at Sea-Glen Tennis Club have me hitting harder and feeling better than I did 30 years ago, before I knew you.

If I didn't know better, I probably would be a veteran of at least two unnecessary surgeries by now. I remember after I tore my rotator cuff the first time, (was it 10 years ago?), and Dr. Capobianco repaired it. You showed me how to adjust my overheads and serves to take the stress off the vulnerable area. Likewise when I ripped it again several years later, in another spot, after repairs you helped me again with Alexander Technique.You have been helping me for so many years, first with "stress-free" tennis and later with Alexander Technique, that I almost forget how many significant injuries we have ameliorated with proper attention. The Alexander Technique is so subtle and yet so effective.

Gary, we have been friends for over 25 years. In that time you have helped me love tennis more than ever, and I could easily beat "the me" from 25 years ago with what you have taught me and my 60 year old body. And I am pain free, thanks to Alexander Technique.

After being the "bunny" last night, I think I need a couple lessons to get me up to the net faster so that I can take advantage of the big serve and crushing overhead. Thanks for everything.
--Steve Sloane, Glen Cove, NY

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